Raising awareness about

Passion Economy


Technology is a part of human evolution and growth


Opening our hearts to leading us and trusting our inner self


Living in peace and connection with mother earth

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Jami is a one-person digital agency that helps people digitize their passions.

We’re leveraging technology to empower creativity.

All the digital stuff for non-techies.

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Hi! My name is Daniels Rogulis. I’m steering Jami’s wheel. 

In 2019, together with study coursemates, we created a student digital agency BASAFUL. There I discovered my passion – digital creativity.

Following various self-awareness processes, I decided to create Jami. Jami is a creative platform that stands for my values and mission to make a more creative, fun, and ethical business environment.

In this mission, I’ve discovered the concept of passion economy and how adapting to this model could lead you and me to a happier life. 

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