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Worry-Free Setup

We take care of all the technical stuff, so you don’t have to.
We’ll handle everything from domain registration to server setup, leaving you free to focus on what you love.

Simplicity is Key

Our websites are easy to navigate and use, making it a breeze for your visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Playful Design

We’ll create a website that’s playful, yet professional, so your visitors will love coming back for more.

Easy maintnance

We’ll set you up with a content management system that’s easy to use. You’ll be able to update your website with new content in a snap.

Let’s hop on call to discuss details?


It depends on how technically advanced you want your site to be and how many pages & content you’ve planned.

Usually, pricing varies from 400€ to 2000€

Plus, there’s a yearly cost up to 200€ to maintain the site and keep it secure, clean, and fast. This price includes hosting, and website builder so it’s built with the highest standards.

Regarding payments, Jami is flexible, but usually, we divide the payment in two – at the beginning, and the end of the collaboration.

Once we decide to coopoerate, we hop on the call to discuss the details and align the vision, goals, and process. This usually takes no more than 2 hours. 

Afrer that, the development begins. We have refined this process using lean design methodologies, meaning that it works like building a house from blocks – one step a time.

When you approve the end result, we go through testing and quality assurance and make the site online.

Yes, we usually educate our clients on how to use the content management system on which the website is built. 

Or, with the higher costs, we can customize and build the back-end so that anyone, without any experience, could update the site in a snap.

We work with WordPress. Almost half of all websites on the internet are built with WordPress.

In our opinion, it’s reliable, customizable, and secure. 

On top of that, we use Breakdance page builder so your site looks and feels unique and professional.

Oops! I hope such situations don’t occur. We ensure to report and get your feedback at every stage of development we complete. Our practice is to update the client with a weekly report on what has been completed and pivot the strategy if needed.

If we still cannot find the energy and passion in our collaboration, we communicate refund & cancellation strategy keeping you and me happy 🙂

Yes, we also love doing that 🙂 

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