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Making passion economy a reality: Jami collaborated with Frame of Mind digital artist to kickstart her professional career with an authentic portfolio website to attract new art project clients.

Why choose jami

Heartful collaboration

“Daniels is a master of creating professional work through joy and true human connection.”

Why choose jami

The story

The beginnings

frameofmind website process 1

This collaboration started when Neila approached me with a question. She was thinking to add her art in the NFT marketplace. As I have some background in the crypto, she asked my opinion about that. I have known Neila personally for some time but I had no idea that her passion has grown so big. She showed me her Instagram art profile and I was amazed. 

Let's sell your art

Quickly and naturally we came to the conclusion that we should collaborate. We decided that Neila would be art, and I would be the brains behind this operation.

The goal was to establish a solid income foundation and give access to people for Frame of Mind art. 

The first action plan was to use print-on-demand services to sell the art on posters, clothing, etc. 

Taking different approach

After first proper brainstorming, we understood that selling art with print-on-demand doesn’t sound so exciting.

Instead, we made a decision to focus on building a brand that works with business clients. In the entrepreneurial world, it’s often referred to as B2B (business-to-business). This approach would contribute on a larger scale to the goal of becoming a professional artist, spreading the message that Neila’s art is speaking, while maintaining authenticity and fostering personal development.

Website it is

frameofmind website hero section wireframe

Given our desire to project professionalism and authenticity, along with the need to offer a platform for contacting Frame of Mind, selling artwork, and delving into her philosophy and work ethic, creating our own website was an obvious choice.

To ensure the best result, we started with website wireframes, mapping out what we wanted to include and where those things would be located. This took most of the time because, during development, we changed the structure and added/removed sections more than 10 times. 

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Making it stand out

frameofmind website jami portfolio

Jami creates every website with mainly 2 rules: it should stand out, and be user-centered. This website was no different.

At the heart of it is the color combination which reflects the color palette of Neila’s art. I wanted to play with the menu bar, so I made an active page tab in an H1 size so it serves two functions: to communicate which page the user is on; stand out, and create a sense of calm and bold movement and dynamism on the website.

Elegance and simplicity

While making bold choices that take the work apart from others, it is crucial to execute them with finesse to ensure a seamless experience for visitors. The website should adhere to a conventional layout, and in this regard, Jami designed the structure of the website to maintain a familiar portfolio format while injecting a breath of fresh air.

Through the creation of a homepage that offers a breif introduction, featuring images and carefully selected illustrations, we aim to convey the essence of Frame of Mind art. Simultaneously, we refrain from revealing the entirety of the website’s essence on the initial page. Instead, we entice visitors who are intrigued to venture into our detailed portfolio section, free from distractions.

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