“Release” campaign

Back in 2021, Jami got an invite to co- create a digital activist network, with the goal of putting an end to the use of chicken cages in industrial farms and giving those feathered friends a chance to roam free.

This was one of Jami’s first websites.

Why choose jami

Result-oriented outcome

Our website gathered over 200+ engaged individuals for an activist network

Why choose jami

Development process

Defining target audience

Defining target audience

To be effective in our efforts to enact change, we started by identifying the specific groups of people who were most likely to be the right fit for our end-product. 

We answered questions such as:
– what are their primary concerns or pain points;
– what are their current behaviors or actions related to the issue;
– what motivates them to take action or engage with a cause;
– what are their values and beliefs?

Mapping customer journey

customer journey

By mapping out the different stages that individuals go through as they become aware of the issue, become engaged with the campaign, and take action to create change, we can gain insights into the barriers and opportunities for involvement.

Making wireframes

making wireframes jami

Making website wireframes is an essential step in designing a user-friendly and effective website.

We started out by creating a website’s layout, visual hierarchy, user experience, and functionality.

With this approach, we made sure that the website’s copy is well-crafted and tailored to the needs of the target audience.

Wireframes can also help to draw attention to details in the website’s design. Attention to detail makes the biggest difference in high-quality products.

making wireframes email jami

In the same manner we created wireframes for our email campaign. 

A big part of this project was the email infrastructure, so that we could engage with activists on a regular basis. We chose to work with Mailchimp, which is an easy-to-use and customizable email management system.

Design & putting it all together

visuals website

When everything was ready, we created the color pallete, added images, made some adjustments and crafted a live site.

chicken jami

Finally, we connected the website with our email management system and automated the Mailchimp infrastructure so our client could focus on the things that matter the most.

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