Robit app

We wanted to make cities greener by improving people’s habits. 
We applied to a sustainability hackathon and developed Rōbit.

Experts loved Rōbit and decided to reward our efforts, twice

Why choose jami

Validation-based development

During development, representatives from organizations like LMT, Accenture & Riga municipality, showed an interest in Rōbit

Why choose jami

Development process

Finding the need & opportunities

Every idea must be validated to ensure the assumption about the problem is accurate. In our first hackathon, we spent most of the time researching the market and validating the problem.
Why&how to validate ?

Creating a business plan

After validation, we made a business model to monetize our solution. To ensure its potential, we made it scalable and sustainable.

Designing prototype

We developed a prototype to pack the idea and business plan into a working solution. The first version of it was a chart flow to understand the main components and how they interact with each other

In the second hackathon, we spent most of our time developing a visual prototype so potential investors and partners can understand how our solution would work. This is the process where Jami took the lead.

Improving the prototype

To make the prototype more mature and more appealing to the target audience, we focused on designing the most important parts of our app, such as the gamification summary screen.

In early-stage projects like this, developing value propositions and main features are essential. In our case, we wanted to make habit change engaging, fun, and simple. 

Adding the storytelling

To strengthen our app’s core values and functionalities, we created a mascot that would help people engage and have fun while improving their habits. At the end of the day, storytelling is what makes people interested.

In our prototype, we added storytelling at the onboarding stage which set a tone for the whole story and the role of our mascot

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